About Us

Roadrunner Mulch LLC is part of Roadrunner Group which has been retreading tires since 1996. For more information on U.S. tire distribution visit www.roadrunner-tires.com and for information regarding tire distribution in Mexico visit www.vitacorr.com.

Roadrunner Mulch collects, grinds, processes, sorts, and distributes rubber mulch, buffings, and crumb rubber. We also recycle EVA copolymer and other products.
Our clients use our rubber to manufacture high end rubber products or applications.

Currently Roadrunner Mulch LLC processes over 250 metric tons per month and growing.

We have a processing facility in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico and a distribution warehouse in Laredo, Texas.
Grupo Correcaminos tiene más de 35 años en el mercado de llantas y a través de excelente calidad y servicio ha fomentado relación y alianzas comerciales con nuestros clientes a largo plazo. Tenemos 3 plantas de producción ubicadas en Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas y Monterrey, Nuevo León. Atendemos a clientes en los 2 lados de la frontera de México y Estados Unidos.


Nuestra misión es proveer a nuestros clientes con el menor costo por kilometraje con llantas de calidad garantizadas y excelente servicio.


Buscamos ser una fuente de apoyo para nuestros clientes y nos enorgullece ganar la confianza de nuestros clientes para atender sus necesidades en forma y tiempo para que puedan enfocarse en crecer sus negocios.


Buffings/crumb rubber


EVA Copolymer


Trailer Exchange Program

We partner with different tire retread plants in Mexico and the U.S. to collect their rubber buffing byproducts. There are different ways we work with suppliers depending on their location and specific circumstances.

One of our most successful operations involves a trailer exchange program where we provide a trailer to our retread plant supplier where the trailer is plugged in to dust collection system in order to serve as the storage and collection end point. We may also supply a second trailer to serve as a backup in case the first one is full. Once the trailer is full we take care of the logistics to supply an empty trailer and haul the loaded trailer.

Retread plant managers are welcome to contact us to inquire about our trailer exchange program!

Environmental Sustainability

Roadrunner Group is an environmentally conscious company and we are proud to partner with our clients to contribute to safeguarding our environment. Some of our actions include:

Reduces the volume of scrap tires that end up in landfills and reduces the amount of raw materials needed to make a new tire (approx. 22 gallons of oil for new tire, vs 7 gallons of oil for a new tread for retreading application).


Which is a byproduct of the retreading process. We collect the rubber buffing/dust, process them, and introduce them to markets where it is used to build high end rubber products.


For the casings that do not pass our rigorous inspections, we look for environmentally friendly ways to dispose such as providing a fuel source to cement kilns or other regulatory compliant options.

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International Trade Center 14408
Investment Ave. Laredo, TX 78040

+1 (956) 251 4053